“I’ve known Kazzy for many years now and there’s no-one else I’d rather work with” She brings an enhanced perspective clarity and presence to any situation allowing the bigger picture to unfold and healing to occur.

Liz ~ Perth WA

Kazzy lives on the Island of Guernsey ~ Channel Islands, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, cliff walks, pristine white sand beaches, and miles of quaint lanes to explore. She uses the energy of the land and ocean to remind her the quantum awareness that abounds in the essence of nature.

Kazzy is a facilitator of the Cosmic Pulse Zero Point Healing remembering and knowing yourself at a deep authentic level quantum being. She works in person 1:1 sessions, webinars and live workshops.

Following a massive spiritual awakening she travelled the globe and  studied the art of Zero Point with may of the Indian Masters. Long periods of zero point meditation enabled Kazzy to utilize the ‘cosmic pulse’ to aid her own and others growth and healing. She initiates your individual connection to ‘liquid love’ so you can literally love all the parts of self back into wholeness.

Using your presence and facilitation the pulse within you, point, with meditations, one to one, and being authentically present, YOU get to work on whatever is holding you back from being present as a conscious aware being.

She assists you have:

Clarity around relationships, work, abundance, to engage your power, presence and create from a space of love, joy, ease, and grace.

To expand into your divine heritage into an expanded awareness and direct connection to your omnipresent consciousness.

Time to pulse, play and be the multidimensional love joy and light that you are hiding yourself from.

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When listening and connecting with  Kazzy I am infused with a deep inner awareness and clarity. It is as always extremely powerful. I feel so much calmer and connected again. It is a true talent to offer the ‘gift of being you’ to individuals whilst expanding the energy of oneness to source. When I connect to the zero point and the cosmic pulse through your meditations, I catch a glimpse of the immense infinite possibilities the world has to offer. And realise that world is within me. I am truly honored to be able to participate in these sessions, and also to have met you in person for private consultation. I admire the example you set as you continuously evolve in becoming the gift that you are. Many thanks Kazzy. I have learned so much in the last few years and my spiritual growth has permitted many aha moments. I look forward the journey and thoroughly recommend these sessions to anyone lucky enough to have found this website and are reading this right now, you are here for a reason –

Shona ~ Guernsey